Google Reviews – Why Customer reviews are important & How to get Positive Feedback?

Can you remember the first thing was; you have done last time before purchasing any product or service? You might have researched where to purchase and why?

Before purchasing anything people make a lot of research about the product, brands, pricing, guarantee/warrantee & many other factors. But the most important thing that we all do is taking a recommendation from friends.
Do we always ask someone which brand is better? What was their experience while using that product? Which company is better for buying specific services? An answer to these questions in the third person can be a deciding factor for your purchase decision.

Nowadays, we prefer purchasing online rather than connecting with a sales representative. So, the online reviews you get from your customers on your website, app, or Google can help people trust you more. Because, before trusting a brand, people first trust customer reviews.

Now, the most important thing is how do you get more reviews for your business?

When a customer makes a purchase, ask them to share their email or contact number. Once you get, after a week, you can send them a follow-up mail or message. After purchasing a product, you can thank them for shopping with you & then request them to leave a review. If your customers are happy with the product or service, they will be happier to write a review for your business.

Why are customer reviews so important for a business online?

Customer reviews are helpful for your new potential customers to make a purchase. But in the same way, these are also important for your business, as your customers are your best marketers. They compare you with your competitors and then choose you over them. So, what they write in their online reviews is very honest feedback.

  • Customers Will Tell You What They Think of Your Product

When customers write a review they show their expectations from you and you will get to know are fulfilling their expectations or not? You will get a chance to hear and interact with them. If you are making customers happy with your product or service, you earn their trust and it boosts your confidence.

  • Gain Visibility

Online business reviews are the best guide for you. It gives you visibility, are you satisfying your customers or you need to improve. Before purchasing, when people make research, they compare each and every small thing of yours with the alternative one. So, after purchasing your product or service, they can provide you the feedback which is helpful for you to know where you are lacking or which features people like about your product or service.

The benefits of positive Google business reviews

Whether your business is new or you are a well-known brand, people always trust what your consumers are saying. For new business, if you want people to come to you need Google reviews from your existing customers.

  • More reviews, more lead

Always ask your customers for their feedback on Google. You can get more visitors to your website through Google. Before visiting your website people first go through your Google profile and if you have got more reviews on your Google page, it makes a positive impact on them. They will surely visit your website.

  • More positive reviews, more purchases

If you are selling your product/services, you will not always get happy customers. Sometimes people will not so happy with their purchase. But you have to try to get more positive feedback from your customers, as it influences the purchase decision of the visitors.

  • Higher reviews, higher rank

When people want to make an online purchase they search for the product or service name on Google rather than the company or brand name. In such a case, if you are ranking on the first page they might visit your website. So, if you want to rank higher you must have more Google reviews.

How to get more Google reviews?

Getting reviews sometimes can be a difficult task as customers forget to leave a review after the purchase is done. Especially when it comes to services, you will always have to remind them to get client reviews. But make sure it will not look like spam. Your reminder should be in a friendly way.

  • Ask for Google reviews in person

If you have a meeting with your client or customer or if you meet them on regular basis you can ask to share online reviews in person. Sometimes people are not so aware of Google reviews& how to write a review on Google. In such a case, you can keep a card with you, on whom your Google review link or a scanning code is there. Share that card with the client & customers. It is helpful for them to share feedback.

  • Ask for reviews on social media

When you run an Ad campaign, after watching your Ad, people visit your social media page. They research about you and what impresses them more are the reviews you got from your customers & clients. So, always ask customers to share reviews on social media along with Google reviews.

  • Include your Google review link in your email signature

It is the easiest way to ask your clients for feedback. Every time when you write an email to your client, your email signature is there. Along with your name, contact details, add the Google review link over there. It will be helpful for you to get a quick response.

  • Include a Google review CTA on your website

On your website, you add various “Call to Action” buttons for making it easy for visitors to get in touch with you. Similarly, you can also add a Google review button on your website. So, if visitors want to share the feedback he can write the review on Google easily.

Also, after placing the order, you can ask the customer to share the feedback by adding a popup to the website. It helps them to share their experience while purchasing the product from your website.

  • Run a Google review email campaign

Getting more reviews is important for your business to get more leads. You will have to make all possible attempts to get reviews from your customers and clients. You can run an Email campaign targeting your existing customers to get more reviews. This reminds them to share their feedback.

  • Respond to your existing Google reviews

Responding to the existing Google reviews shows that you appreciate the feedback from your clients & customers. The positive and good quality reviews from existing customers can help to increase the ranking and visibility of your business on Google. And your quick response to their review encourages them to connect with you again.

The more reviews you get on Google & Social Media, the more people trust your business. Before purchasing a product or service, potential customers first connect with your existing customers through the reviews you have received. Customer reviews play an important role in lifting your business up. So always try to stay connected with your customers, take follow up, and request them to leave a review for your business. Never forget, your happy clients are the best Marketers for your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to get feedback from customers?

It is important to get feedback from customers because you want to know what they are thinking, how they feel about your business, and their experience with it. This will help you make changes in the future that could improve the customer’s experience. If you are not taking this into consideration, then there’s a chance that your business might be losing out on opportunities for growth or improvement.

Why ratings and reviews are important?

Ratings and reviews are important because they allow people to know what others think about a particular product before they buy it. They can help customers decide if the product is worth their money or not. Ratings help potential buyers make informed buying decisions when faced with many choices.

Why is it important to review?

A review is a form of feedback that provides an opinion about products, services, or businesses. It can be done on any kind of product from food to movies and hotels. Reviews are important because they provide personal recommendations which may help you decide whether or not to purchase something. The reviews encourage competition among similar businesses because companies want more positive reviews than negative ones in order to succeed and grow their customer base.

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