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Marketing has changed completely over the last few years, now people prefer to display their product over the internet while running different ads on different platforms. Online advertising is very beneficial to market your business online. Through these online ads, you can promote your product and services among potential customers. Online ads help in targeting the audience who are interested in your product.

There are a variety of online ads available that help you market your business online. You can use Facebook ads, display ads, remarketing, video ads, Google ads, and many more to promote your business on the digital platforms. Around 70% of People buy products and services online through recommendation or seeing any online ad that engages them.

For your better understanding, we have listed down two of the biggest platforms and various ways types of ads they support to market your business online



1. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads play an important in increasing your business as you can target the audience according to their age, city, interest, and more. Facebook’s advertising can help you drive traffic and increase your site’s overall reach as well as generate brand awareness among people. In the ad campaign, you need to create an objective, placements, audience, and budget to get your desired goals. Facebook ads are of certain types such as video, image, engagement, and many more.

Here are different types of Facebook ads:


a) Video Ads

You can easily connect people with your brand in an interactive video experience. The video feature helps people to better understand your product and services. Your video should be with a high-resolution ratio and needs to keep it short but informative.

b) Image Ads 

With the Image ads, you can reach your audience using visually attractive images with engaging text and drive valuable traffic to your website. Images appear to user’s news feed and having a call to action button that provides a link to your site’s landing page.

c) Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are the best way to tell a story as you can upload up to multiple images at once. Each slide accompanied by a call to action button that will generate leads. Carousel ads can appear on desktop news feeds, Facebook, and Instagram.

d) Slideshow Ads

In slideshow ads, you can add the images and video together in a package. This feature allows you to add eye-catching motions with the images in a slideshow format. If you want quick ads slideshow are the best to choose and provide a quick load time for the ads.

e) Collection Ads

Collection ads make it easier for a customer to find or purchase the product form their mobile as well. It is easy to create and ideal for an e-commerce business as they can get new customers, brand awareness, and get the conversion for their business.

f) Lead Generation Ads

Lead generation ads are generally used when you want conversion. When a user clicks on your ad, they will drive to your website through a landing page or you can use Facebook Lead forms to generate leads. So you can focus on the audience who are interested in purchasing your product or services.

g) Instant Experience Ads

You can create impressive ads also known as canvas ads.  With instant experience ads, you can use the combination of images, videos, and text. You can add features such as logos, full-screen images to provide a better ad experience to your audience. That can lead to a sale or inquiry of your product.

h) Page-Like Ads

Page likes ads are a great way to know if people are interested in your services. Your main goal is to get a maximum page like to reach the targeted audience. Keep updating the pages for more engagement and encourage new people to like your page.

i) Event Responses Ads

Event responses ads use to boost awareness about the event this type of ads great to target local audience you are located near the place where the event is about to happen. You can also use event ads to promote an event like sale in your store so that people come to your store when the sale starts.

j) Post Engagement Ads

Post engagement ads are better than others as it helps you get more followers. If your post is interesting people can engage with your post through like, share, and comments. You need to post regularly on your Facebook page to gain more visitors and expand your reach.

2. Google Ads

Google ads are the paid advertising platform where you pay for PPC (Pay per Click) and impressions on the ads. Google ads are an effective way to drive traffic and increase visitors to your sites. It allows you to run your ads on different platforms such as mobile and desktop with selected audiences and budgets. Thousands of companies are using Google ads for marketing their product and services. There different types of Google ads that you can choose for your business.

a) Search Ads

Search ads are used for showing the text only. When a user types a keyword, search ads appear on alongside the search engine result page and provide high visibility with chosen keywords. This type of ad is very effective as the search engine is a place where people come to search for what they are looking for & if the ads you show match with what the user is searching for then there high likely hood that people will want to work with you.

b) Display Ads

Google Display ads are the ads that are displayed on various websites, you can check the website where you want to show your ads & start your campaign. Display ads help you engage more customers and target audiences according to demographic, location, and interest. Display ads can also be used to run remarketing ads.

c) Video Ads

Advertising on YouTube is done through video campaigns that are very effective and grab more engagement. These ads are used for creating a commercial video and promote your video content on YouTube channels.

d) App installs Ads

App install ads appear on the websites and redirect the user to Google play store or App Store and encourage the user to download the ad app. These consist of the app name, description, call to action button, and allow you to reach users according to their interest across different platforms.

3. Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is the best way to target people who have already visited your product and servicesThrough remarketing you can target the visitors you come to your website earlier but didn’t perform any action. You can also target the customers you have already purchase form your site with different ads to get more engagement. This is the best way to market as people already know about your product; you only need to remarket them.


Online advertising is an effective way for your business to find new customers and expand its reach. Anyone can easily create online ads to get more engagement and while creating the ads make sure you choose the right platform for your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of online ads is most effective?

Online advertising includes email marketing, search engine marketing, social media advertising, display advertising, video marketing, and mobile advertising.

The most successful Internet advertisers have strategies for attracting customers and turning them into repeat buyers. Online advertising is the process of strategically targeting potential customers through a variety of channels with the aim of generating a response that will lead to increased revenue. In order to decide which type of online ads are most effective, you must analyze how people respond to the message you are sending. What you are selling and to whom you are sending your advertisements (or ads) play an important role in deciding which type of online ads are most effective.

 What is online advertising?

Online advertising is composed of advertisements displayed on websites, and on search engine results.
Online advertising is the use of advertisements to promote products and services through a variety of online media. Online advertising is a global phenomenon, it has taken over from traditional media sources due to its effectiveness, reach, and measurability.


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