Do you really need a landing page? Know the difference between a Landing page & Website

As you explore the world of digital marketing, SEO, and paid search advertising, you’ll encounter a whole new set of terms and concepts. If you haven’t already, you’re sure to have questions about how landing pages fit into your digital marketing strategy.

Let’s start with some definitions.

What is a webpage?

A website is a collection of web pages that are designed to help your users find what they’re looking for. For example, a typical business website might have an about section, a blog page, a contact us page, and pages for products and services.
A web page often provides information to viewers through pictures or videos which help illustrate important topics.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a type of web page that is designed for a specific marketing or advertising campaign. It is usually a standalone page that is separate from the main website and designed to serve a single purpose.

How does the Landing page work?

1.  A user/customer sees your Ad & if found useful to him clicks on the call to action button.
2.  Then he is directed to your landing page where he will find more useful information.
3.  He fills up the form on the landing page thus making an inquiry to you.
4.  You will get his information.
5.  His information gets saved in your leads database.
6.  You will get in touch with them & sell your product or service.

How landing page is beneficial?

Creating a landing page may seem like a simple task, but it is vitally important to lead conversion. It is designed to increase conversions by providing users with a unique, action-oriented design.

When to Use a Landing Page?

When starting out, many people wonder whether they should create a landing page or a website. The answer depends on your specific needs and goals for your business.
To understand when to use a landing page first you have to understand the difference between a landing page & webpage.

The main difference between landing pages and homepages is that a landing page is focused on one objective, while a homepage is meant to be a general introduction to what you do.

3 Key Differences Between Landing Pages and Webpage are-

1. Goal

Whether to build Landing pages or homepages both start with a goal. But those goals are different from each other. The web page should be built to build trust with the brand, explain the brand & keep people engaged with the brand. A landing page has a single focus. It promotes a specific offer rather than promoting the brand.

2. Traffic

Let’s take one example, if we search on google for hearing aid we will get to see some ads on top of the page.

These businesses are paying for the advertising space & the best way is to drive the clicks to the landing page.
The point is that you should almost always drive advertising traffic to a landing page that has a single conversion goal. This results in a better ROI.

3. Navigation

The last difference is navigation. Now you might be wondering, what the difference can be between having & not having navigation cause. The web page is browser friendly & it allows the visitor to visit other pages of the website by clicking on the navigation. And as the landing page is focused on conversion, there is no top bar navigation.
So when you are creating your next landing page, ditch the navigation & see the difference in conversion.

Do not underestimate the importance of landing pages and web pages in digital marketing. They are both essential assets that can help you reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals.
If you’re trying to achieve a specific goal, use a landing page.

Define your goal & build a landing page for your business to get more leads & conversions.

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