How to start online grocery delivery business?

You are on this page it means you want to start your new business for selling grocery online. Let me tell you this is an absolutely perfect time to start with this. Due to the pandemic, people don’t want to go out to shop for anything & they started using their Smartphone for it. Online grocery shopping, is the need of people in today’s situation and this is not going to bring you loss if done properly.

Before starting the business you need to keep everything ready. If you already have your offline store and you want to go online then you are ready to move forward. Now, what preparation you have to create your online store, and how you will start with selling things online? The complete guide for you is here. Let’s start with the first thing –

  1. Tell your existing customer about your site/app

If you are selling grocery online you have to have an online store in the form of a website or an app. The first thing you have to create a professional eCommerce website for your grocery store. Or you can create an app for people to view your products.

Having a website or app is not going to work unless your existing customers don’t know about it. Also, the people in the area where you are going to deliver the grocery should get to know about your online grocery store. You can start with the customers coming to your shop. Invite them to visit your store.

  1. Ask them to order online

Once people know about your online store, they visit your website or app and see the grocery available in store. But some people became choosy when it comes to fresh fruits & vegetables and they think twice to shop online or not? But you assure them to deliver fresh groceries. You can also offer them a replacement option if not happy with the delivered order.

  1. Keep the items ready

Once you receive the order online, pick the items from the store, and pack it for delivery. A customer wants to save their time by ordering grocery online. So don’t let your customers wait for making their parcel ready.

Also, remember one thing the products you are displaying on your e-commerce website or app are available at your store. Keep updating the availability of products for better convenience of you and your customers.

  1. Message them their item is ready to collect or delivery

When their order is ready send them a message. This step is of two types; self-pickup and home delivery. It is up to customers which option they choose while ordering the grocery. If they choose self-pickup, send them a message, “Your order is ready for pickup”. Or if they choose the home delivery option still you have to send them a message, “Your order is ready & out for delivery”. Sending a timely message is necessary to keep them updated about their order.

  1. Get payment online/offline

There are two types of payment modes you can accept at your online store. While ordering groceries, the customer has to choose the payment method. They can pay either online by debit card, credit card, UPI or they can choose cash on delivery option. Get the payment accordingly.

If you opt for payment gateway integration to our e-commerce website, click here to know more about top payment gateways.

  1. Update order as completed

After delivery or pickup of the order, send them a message “Your order is delivered & thank you for shopping with us”. Your appreciation and nice gesture towards your customers build a good relation.

Also, ask them to provide their feedback which helps other visitors for a better understanding of your services.

  1. Ask them to order at night & collect the other day at a time

This step is for your good management. You can ask people to order the grocery a day before at night and receive it on another day. This will give you an idea of how much fruits and vegetables you need to deliver, so the wastage can be controlled. Also, your customers will also get fresh vegetables.

  1. Use inventory management to manage your inventory

The basic rule for inventory management is to keep the record of stock coming to and going out of the store. Keeping a regular record of each and every item will give you an approximate amount of inventory need to be in the store for sale. This is necessary for the management of grocery stock in the store and also delivering fresh stuff to the customers.

Starting an online grocery store seems difficult but not that so. Take a step forward towards online business and let things happen.  So, when are you going to start your new online grocery store? I hope this article helped you in some way to take your grocery business online.


Frequently Asked Question

How do I start an online grocery delivery?

The concept of online grocery delivery is nothing new, but it’s starting to gain some traction rapidly growing since 2011, making it a huge player in the delivery space. To get started with online grocery delivery firstly you need to:

  • Identify and target the local audience.
  • Need to register your business.
  • Set up the grocery delivery system.
  • Set up the payment method
  • Build your Brand

How much does it cost to start a grocery delivery business?

Grocery delivery is a convenient service that can help you avoid the hassle of searching for and driving to the store every time you need food. But the costs of starting a delivery business vary, depending on the type of service you choose, and the size of the delivery area, and the frequency with which you deliver.

Are grocery delivery businesses profitable?

Online grocery delivery is a business model that can be profitable for retailers. The key to making it profitable is to set up a delivery business that is run efficiently to avoid losing money. There are many factors to consider when setting up a business to deliver groceries, and there are details to take care of.

How do you get paid to deliver groceries?

Online grocery delivery is a great service that helps people like you who don’t have the time to shop for their groceries.  There are some apps like Instacart that easily connect you to customers who need groceries. You can use the app to sign in and delivers the order to your customer and through any payment gateway; you can get the payment from your customers.


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