How to Schedule your posts on Social Media?

Social media is a great platform and through social media posts, you can engage your audience. Having a social media presence for your business leads to more followers, and if you want to engage your follower you need to regularly update your social media posts. Social media help you schedule your posts, it a convenient way to save time. If you want more people to see your post you need to post them on peak hours and scheduling your posts effortlessly even at 2 am. While creating social media post scheduling you can save time, boost followers, and get more conversion.

Social media post scheduling is a very convenient way to get all your posts in a queue and with the right tool, you can easily manage the posts. Every online marketer is using the tools for scheduling their post which save their time as well as improve the efficiency. You can easily create the post, add the content, and schedule for the time you want it to posts as it saves a lot of your time. And for your business, you need to keep your social media profile active and engage the customers. You can create or plan the content before scheduling it on social media which is a very effective way. Also, depending on the tools, you can track the engagement for each post.

There are many tools such as buffer, sprout social; Hootsuite and many more that help to manage overall scheduling the posts and help you better organize all your content. It improves efficiency and you can connect with your followers easily. These tools are freely available and easy to use for your social media posts. Here are the steps to follow that help you in scheduling your social media post.


1. Set the goal for your post schedule

Firstly you need to set a goal of what audience to target, what social network channel should post, where to post, stories, and location. You need to decide how many posts are needed to create or to be scheduled in a week. Before you plan social media scheduling, you must define the purpose of your post as it becomes easy.

Manage your content, hashtags, as well as you, need to specify a goal that can be measured easily. All the strategies should lead to grow your brand and might get a conversion.



2. Select a post scheduling tool

 Getting the right tool for managing your post on social media is very important. Now it is very easy to manage the social media post with a tool, which allows you to schedule your post wherever and whenever you want to. You need to select the right tool that helps in scheduling the posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter and engage more people.

You can save a lot of time as managing all the posts is easy and in one place. For better results, you can define your publishing day, hour, the audience to target and location.


3. Need to make a quality content plan

Remember your goal is to grow your audience with social media posts. Your content needs to be engaging and make sure people understand it easily. You can try something like motivational Monday quotes, throwback Thursday or weekend posts to get more traffic and interaction on your post.

You must share the posts which are relevant and provide information about your business. Through quality content, you can make social media posts that are helpful for your brand to grow.



4. The right time for post schedule

While scheduling the posts you need to keep in mind what is the correct time to post. If you schedule your social media post accordingly there is a high chance for more engagements in terms of likes, comments or clicks. You can set different time schedules for different platforms such as for Facebook try out the time between 12 pm to 2 pm to grab more people’s attention with your post.

People are active on different social accounts at a different time so with the help of a post scheduling tool you can manage all the accounts.



5. Keep track of the posts

When you have published your social media post, you have to track the overall performance. With these tools, you can easily compare the results such as clicks, comments, like or share your post gets. After the tracking you need to determine the post frequency for specific channels, make engaging content to get more conversion.

Tracking your posts is very necessary as we get to know about the traffic your posts getting, audience interest, and conversion rate.


Hopefully, now you understand how scheduling the social media post in advance is very beneficial for getting more engagements. By choosing the correct platform you will be able to manage the posts.


Frequently Asked Question

How do I schedule a free post on social media?

Social media is the best platform for marketers as well as advertisers. To run successful social media campaigns, you need to schedule your posts on different social media platforms consistently.

Social media scheduling tools allow you to set up automated messages that will be automatically posted on your social media accounts later. You can schedule your social media posts for the entire week or month in advance so you don’t have to worry about them when you should be doing other things.

Is there a free social media scheduler?

 Using a tool like Hoot suite or Buffer allows you to save time on social media, run multiple accounts simultaneously, and post frequently without sacrificing your brand voice, quality, or consistency. With scheduling tools, you can set up posts to go live at a specific time and date in the future.

What is the best social media scheduling app?

Many options can help you schedule your social media content across the most popular networks. Hoot suite, Buffer, Sprout Social, Co-Schedule, and Meet Edgar are the five social media scheduling apps that you can use to schedule your social media posts.


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