9 Important Features Every Website Must Have

Just creating a website does not help, having a website that is secure, can be updated easily, generate more traffic & tell you what is actually happening on your website is really important if you want to leverage the digital platform to grow your business online.

Your website is a place where you can showcase all your services and people will know more about your business. If you’re owing a new business and want to boost the sale than having a fully-featured website is a great idea. A website provides all the necessary information about your business to the visitors and converts them into leads. There must be a call to action button which makes it easy for people to contact your brand. As well as many people rely on their phone so the website designs for your business need to be created according to the mobile screen. Every website needs important features such as backing up data, content management system, google analytics, etc. that make it more efficient and convenient for your customers.

There are tonnes of features that can be added to a website, but here are 9 most important website features list that every new website requires that will help your business in every way. Use this as a checklist of features when creating a new website.

1.HTTPS – Keeping website Secure

Https is one of the most important features a website must have as it transfers data securely to your clients. This is a security technology that hides the links between servers and browsers and keeps important information.

If your website is an e-commerce website or a site that collects data from users HTTPS feature becomes one of the most important features your website should have as it will keep the data of your user secure. One of the other reasons the HTTPS website is because Google now prefers a secure website over insecure while listing it on the search listing & chrome also gives a warning if the website is insecure, making users extra cautious about thinking their data might be at risk.

2. Backup – Don’t fear of losing the data

There is always a risk of losing data which is why automated backup helps a lot, keeping website insure so that you don’t lose any data in case your website is attacked or your server crashes due to some technical issues. If your website is small & there only a few changes happening every week, you should backup your website once every week, if there are changes happening daily you need to back it up daily.

Backup is essential as you do not need to worry about losing important data, you can easily recover the lost data anytime, helps in reducing the damage and if something goes wrong backup will always support recover your lost data.


3. Content Management System – Easily Manage your website

A website with a content management system is easy to update & maintain. It helps users with no technical background to add pages, images & also update existing content on the website. So having a CMS is really important if you looking to regularly update content on the website.



4. Live chat – Connect with your customers instantly.

Live chat enables your customers to interact and get the query solved instantly. Every website should have a live chat feature as you can get in touch with the site visitors and help them solve any queries they have instantly. With live chat on the website, you can monitor anyone visiting your page, start the chat with them & help answer any questions they have for your website.



5. SEO friendly – Get more customers for your business

Seo friendly websites boost your business, attract more visitors and people that are searching online lead them directly to your website. Every website needs to have this feature for better results and engagements.

If your website will have an SEO friendly feature, you will get the online traffic to your business and can reach out to new customers.


6. Social Media Ready – Make your customers your loyal fans

It’s always ideal to connect your social media pages to your website as it not only helps build trust but its an easy way to get more people to follow your social pages & keep them updated on the latest trends about your business & services. One way to do that is to add links via social icons in your footer & contact us page

Another way to implement social media to your website is to allow the user to share your product & services via share button on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. This way people can recommend your product & services different from your website.


7. Google Analytics Installed – Know who is visiting your website.

Once your website is created, it is important to know how it is performing. Google analytics is very essential to install as it is free, easy to use and provides effective data about your visitors and also the performance of your website.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can see how many visitors are coming, what actions they are performing, how much time they spend on your website. All this will help you understand where you need to focus if you want to grow your website.


8. Google Search Console Installed – Keep check on any technical or SEO Issues

Google Search Console feature is a must to add on your website as it helps to improve your overall site performance by detecting SEO issues. Search console checks for mobile-friendly sites, pages that are linked as well as what keywords are being searched.

So, it is very important to have Google search console on your website for not only checking performance but also for boosting search engine ranking and engaging more people to your website.


9. Google Map – Help the user finds your physical address easily.

Including Google maps into your website is very essential, so that customers who are searching for you online can easily find you and can visit you. Integrating Google maps will help them find your physical store location instantly & they can plan their visit accordingly.



We hope you find this post helpful & you will keep these features in mind while building a new website. Also, Let us know in the comment section which other features you think are important to build a website.


Frequently Asked Question

What should every website have?

Website is a very important part of your business and some features are must-haves in your website. Every website should have a blog, a homepage, a contact page, a product page, a photo gallery, and also social sharing buttons.

 What are the features of the website?

Website features are very important that allows you to change the content of a website. A good website must have an effective design, responsive, quality content, accessible for all the users, easy-to-understand functionalities, includes a call to action buttons, as well as have good navigation.

 What are the types of websites and their purpose?

Websites can be used for various kinds of activities. It is important to know the purpose of the website and the activities you are planning to do online to make the best use of it. Some websites are created for commercial purposes while some are created for entertainment. You can find it in a wide variety of categories such as travel websites, food websites, fashion websites, social websites, entertainment websites, etc.

Which is the most important function of a website?

There are several different ways to look at the website and many features to look at. But, the most important feature is that it looks attractive and provides relevant information. And an effective website must have all the features that are easy to use.


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