Cost of Building & Maintaining a Website in India

Every business needs a website to show the online presence as well as to reach potential customers. Developing a website is easy but estimating the cost to create a website is not that easy. Every business needs to know how much they are going to spend on a website to be built. It is hard to calculate the appropriate cost as there are some features and functionalities that required such as designing cost, marketing, hosting, domain, and many more.

If you have a website for your business then it must need maintenance and there is a certain cost for building and maintaining a website. When it comes to website maintenance there are factors such as backup, plugins, content management system, website loading speed, etc. need to be fixed accordingly. The more complex features you add to your website, the more amount you need to pay. Websites are cheaper to build but the maintenance cost will increase and in India, the cost of maintaining websites goes up to $200 per month that includes the package you choose.

So, estimating the cost made it easy for the business to get a budget idea for website development. We bring out some common features that affect the cost to create a website so that before developing a website you should know the estimated cost you’re going to spend on your website.


1.  How much does it cost for building a website 


a.)  Domain Name

The domain name is very important as it gives an identity to your website, price based on the name you choose and availability. The domain name is usually purchased for a year and generally costs around Rs. 500.

Choose accordingly what all features you want from a domain provider. You can buy a domain name from any domain provider, choosing a correct domain name can help you bring down the cost as well.



b.)  Web Hosting

Web hosting is very important as it enables you to publish the website on the internet. To host your website you need a web server to keep your website always connected to the internet. While buying a hosting service, you also have some space on the server on which you can use to store the files.

Estimate cost for a different type of web hosting depends on the package you have opted from the service provider. Make sure while choosing the correct package leads to cost-saving and cost up to Rs. 3000.



c.)  Content Management System

A website needs a lot of content and the content needs to be updated frequently. You must have a quality content management system on your website. If you want to engage your customers in a much better way, than building a CMS is very important.

CMS is used to display all your text, image, video, blogs, etc. on your website while saving much more time. There are many CMS available in the market such as WordPress, Magento, etc. available for free but you need to technical.



d.) Responsive Website

A responsive website is very important for a better user experience. The responsive website can run across different platforms and screens. The website runs smoothly on mobile devices it needs to be responsive as it automatically adjusts according to screen size.

The estimated cost range up to Rs 5000, if your website having 5-8 pages. Almost all websites these days having a responsive nature that looks good on various devices.



e.)  Maintenance

Maintaining a website involves updating and managing after it goes online so that it runs smoothly. This includes updating software that is working well and needs updates regularly. Maintaining a website need an extra budget, it goes up to Rs. 9000 per month.

So, to keep the functionality working properly, it is important to maintain the website depending on the number of updates it needs.



f.)  Website Designing Cost

A website is the most important as it has a huge impact on customers. The website designing cost will depend on features such as the number of pages, contact form, content, logo, etc. The design needs to be less complicated so that the estimated cost will go down.

The cost of a website mainly depends on the features and functionalities that need to be added. The price will be low if you include fewer pages or minimal functionalities if you want to customize the design the cost will increase accordingly.



2.  How much does it cost for maintaining a website


a.)  PPC- Pay Per Click

PPC ads always appear on the bottom of YouTube videos, or on Google search engine. They are paid ads and targeting the specific group of audience. The PPC ads are a very effective way to increase the traffic on your website.

The traffic you get will convert to the sale so more customer engagement is necessary. The estimated Rs. 10000, you have to pay for every click and pay as long as you want.



b.)  Social Media

Social Media setup for your business website is very important as it gets relevant information about your product & services to the customers. While regularly updating the information will improve your online presence and make your website ranks well.

It costs ranges from Rs. 25000  a year, you can easily have a look at how much amount au spend on the activities. You can easily track the performance and needs to plan strategy accordingly.



c.)  SEO Friendly

SEO is one of the most important factors to help your website ranks on the search engine page; it is an ongoing process, never a onetime thing. The cost of SEO is depending on the type of business you have.

SEO services are available in packages that offer up to Rs. 8000  per month for a business. You need to select the package and optimizing your website to get traffic and engage more customers.



So, the amount spends on your website totally depends on the features you wanted to include, choose the important features that make your website interactive as well comes under the budget.

Frequently Asked Question

How much does it cost to build and maintain a website?

Building a website in the first place can be very expensive. Some web builders charge Rs. 10,000, to begin with, but again it depends on website features and the count of the pages. However, the cost of maintaining a website is often low because many sites have a free option that comes with ads.

How can I create a website free of cost?

You can make a website using, just type the address into the search bar and go to the site for editing and creating your own free website. This is not completely free because you have to some minor charges per month fee, but it’s better than paying anything for most people who are looking for a place on the internet where we do not have to pay anything at all!

Can I host my own website for free?

Word Press is a free Blog hosting and site publishing service that offers millions of websites for people who want to have their own content on the internet. It also offers bloggers and publishers additional services including domain registration, graphical styling, advanced editing tools, and commenting capabilities.



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