Essential features of good e-commerce website

Today, every business owner has an e-commerce website as it is helpful in getting online visibility and customer engagement with their brand. An e-commerce website provides a platform for business to showcase their product and services. It became convenient for people to shop and people prefer to shop online rather than in stores as it saves time and effort.  An e-commerce website must be user-friendly and if you have an e-commerce business you must having all the features such as inventory management, a secure payment process, and provide a convenient way to shop online.

About 70% of people shop online when they get satisfactory results and tend to recommend others as well. This builds trust among customers and will boost your business sale. All the features can help make your website user-friendly and easily manage by you. Here are some features that you must have on your e-commerce website that will help grow your business as well got more customer engagement.

1. Inventory Management

Inventory management is a very important feature for an e-commerce website as it helps you manage and keep track of your inventory. It ensures that you always have sufficient products in stock so that to deliver your customer on time. In e-commerce inventory management helps your business to have better control and it is easy to manage the inventory on different channels.

Having proper inventory management will always help your business to deliver the product on time and increase sales.  You can easily keep track of sufficient inventory so as to meet the customer requirement. Whether it is small or large every online store must have inventory management for its e-commerce business.



2. Order Management

Order management helps your business to track the sales, stocks so that you can fulfill the customer demands. Manual processing can be time-consuming while the order management system reduces the efforts and essential for every e-commerce business. It saves a lot of time, money, and optimizes the process efficiently, and ensures your business runs smoothly while providing customer satisfaction.

You can access the order management system online at any time as they are 24*7 accessible and provide better efficiency. It is easy to track the shipment orders and having a unique tracking number for your customers. This feature is very essential for an e-commerce website to gain people’s trust while they can also track their orders easily.



3. SMS Notification

Today SMS notification is a great way to communicate with your customers as it increases their trust and an effective way to engage them. This is a very reliable and cost-effective feature for an e-commerce business, through SMS notification people can get track of the order such as order confirmation, order out for delivery, and so on. This leads to customer satisfaction as well as getting good service from your business will get more customers. It reduces the efforts and the cheapest way of communication.

Also, people can get some discounted offers or codes over SMS which would be beneficial for them. So, stay connected with your customer over SMS and boosts your e-commerce business sale.



4. OTP Login

OTP login features is a must in an e-commerce website as it provides the privacy and easy login to the customers. People always forget the login password, which might get them in trouble. OTP login is the safest and easiest way to make log into your website for the purchase. The easiest way for customers as it is highly secure and provides a good user experience that will increase your business sale.

You will get an OTP code on your mobile when you log in to the website for a secure login it is very useful. An e-commerce website with quick OTP login increases more customers while providing a better experience. A smooth login process makes things easier for customers which in result more recommendations for your brand.



5. Discount Coupon

Discount coupons are beneficial for your online business to get more leads and engagement. Including a discount coupon feature on your e-commerce website is a great way to increase the sale. Many e-commerce websites are offering a variety of promotional discounts for their customers. Discount coupons affect customer buying behavior and encourage them to shop from your website.

Offering discount coupons to your online shop helps your business to get conversion and build loyal customers. The feature is easy to implement and supports many platforms. You can easily track who is purchasing your company’s product with that coupon. It attracts more people and these customers are more likely to purchase from your brand.



Every business is different and runs on different platforms, but the features can be similar as they make your website work efficiently and provide a great user experience to your customer. So, get all these important features on your e-commerce website and grow your online business.

Frequently Asked Question

What features should a good website have?

A well-designed website should have the following features:
1) Optimization for mobile devices, 2) easy-to-read font size (minimum 14 pt), 3) a clear navigation system. The organization of your content should be intuitive and easy to follow.
Make sure that you are using keywords in the text and heading tags throughout your site to optimize it for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other search engines. You want people to find your website when they do searches on these platforms.

Remember that while social media can help drive traffic to your site or blog from time to time, it will not serve as a solid traffic driver long term unless you focus on building an audience there first by providing them with great content regularly.

What are the two main types of e-commerce?

E-commerce is the process of selling products or services online. There are two main types of e-commerce: business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B). B2C involves selling directly to consumers while B2B entails selling products or services to other businesses.

What are the 4 models of e-commerce?

E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods or services over an electronic medium. There are four models of e-commerce: Customer to company, company to customer, peer to peer, and multi-level marketing (MLM). These four models have different methods for payment transaction processing.


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