How to add categories for your e-commerce website?

Every eCommerce website needs a category page so that people can easily find a specific product. All the categories or subcategories are usually classified by the product and services in one place. Users are more likely to search with a product name and easy navigation to enhance the overall user experience and help in the conversion. You can simply add products on your e-commerce website that displays categories and are understood by people.

Adding proper categories improve the internal search and usability, results in a better customer experience. Make sure your categories include quality images, price tags, ratings, titles, and descriptions so that it becomes easy for your customer to get all the details. You need to find out what the customer wants then add categories accordingly. Here are the steps you can follow to add a category to your e-commerce website

1. How categories help structure eCommerce store

A company category page is very important as it improves accuracy and site navigation. Your e-commerce website needs product categories that help the customer to search for a particular product easily.  While having a proper structure and navigation of the website is a great way to get people to move properly across the site.

Firstly, you need to ensure that the URLs, metadata, titles, and description are optimized well. Your categories guide your customer so that they can get easily the product. For better user experience provide easy navigation for your customer.

For example, if you are selling women’s clothing then you must add a category that shows all related products. People who are interested in women’s clothing will do a search related to that product on a particular category page that help increases your sale. So, structurally making a product category is very important and useful for your e-commerce website.

2. Categories dependence on the product you are selling

When you want to grab more visitors to the website, you must be aware of product demand in the market. You have to identify customer needs and what your competitor is selling; accordingly you should plan your product category. To engage more people with your product you must know the niche and market opportunities that help grow your e-Commerce business. So, the categories must describe the product you are selling, as for customers it becomes easier.

For example, if you are selling women’s clothing then you must add a category that shows all related products. Such as tops, t-shirt, bottoms, jackets, etc. they all come under the same category. You can make your customer click the product by providing organized category pages and help them in easy navigation.


3. Adding categories to woo-commerce store

Adding categories to the e-commerce website is easy and includes a drop-down menu button for quick execution. Making categories help you organize your products easily and is very useful for your customer to search for any product online within a category. Every product must include clickable links so that people can get detailed information about the product and can proceed quickly. You can easily customize the categories and add multiple products in the subcategory.

  • Log in into your e-commerce admin panel
  • Go to the category page, select add a new category
  • Enter the category name and description for example Clothing, Accessories, etc.
  • Select an image and add a specific image to the category
  • Add the pricing details of the product
  • Add the category tags
  • Click on the Save button


4. Editing existing product categories in e-commerce

Categorizing is a great way to have an organized product in one place. Grouping all the related products into a category are easier for customers to search for a particular product. In an e-commerce website, you can manage, add new products, and edit your product easily. For editing the existing product category in your e-commerce website you can follow the steps:

  • Go to the product category page
  • Select the product you like to edit
  • Click on the edit button
  • Click the name you want to change and enter a new name
  • Also, edit the image of the product
  • Click on the Save button

Frequently Asked Question

How do I add categories to my website?

If you are looking to add categories to your website, then you need a good ecommerce platform. Here’s how: Step 1- Create the product category in your admin panel and assign it an ID number. Step 2- Add the ID of that new category in the CMS system for every product you want to be listed under that specific category. Step 3- Make sure that all products are assigned an appropriate CMS class (e.g., “product”) and make sure they have their associated meta data set up correctly so they can be found easily on search engines like Google or Bing!

How do I add products to my eCommerce website?

First, go to your website’s dashboard and click on the “Products” tab. Click the Add button in the upper right corner of that page or use the drop-down menu under Products > Add Product. You can add a product by filling out all fields in this section: Title (required), Description (required), Price, Image URL etc. Once you are done adding products to your website make sure you hit “Save Changes”.


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