15+ Social Media Content Ideas for School

Social media has a huge impact on people nowadays; you can reach people easily through social platforms and make them engage in your content. 60% of people trust social media posts, and it is an effective way to promote your school and get as many enrollments. If you run a school and wan to gain more student enrollment than social media is great to expand your school visibility and get new students.

For making your school online presence, you need to plan social media strategies such as sharing short videos, running content, promoting events online, and sharing pictures and stories and many more to engage people.

There are multiple platforms, through which you can reach the maximum number of people, and interact with them through your posts. You need to post unique content that attracts more people and getting the right content is important. So, creating engaging content is very beneficial for your school to get new student enrollments.

Here are some different ways where you can use the social media platform to get more people engaged.


1. Share Short Videos

Sharing your school short video can be fun as it attracts more people. Posting some educational videos that keep the audience engages for a while. The videos share students who perform well in different fields, cultural programs, and events videos, educational quotes, or videos to encourage people. Most people like to watch interesting videos with text and images.

2. Events and Holiday Posts

Informative posts are very effective as you can always share the events photos or videos over social media platforms as it keeps your followers updated about your school events and what next event your school is going to organize. People will get to know the information about the upcoming events timings and that a great way to engage them. Sharing posts regarding holidays makes it interesting for your followers.


3. Admission Announcement

Social media is a great tool to get more engagement, for new admission announcement you can share some post to alert students and parents that when your school accepting the admissions. You can mention the joining date, time, or location this will build your brand awareness as well as help parents to select your school.


4. Tell Student Success Stories

Sharing student’s achievement in your Facebook or Instagram stories is an effective way to get new followers. You can share success stories of your students, by making some videos of old students as short stories are very impactful and take less time. Publish the stories to grab more people’s attention that builds trust for your school.

5. Sneak Peak of School

Give a glimpse of your school, update people about what is happening, what all clubs or groups you have. All the information keeps the audience engage and they will be interested in knowing all the details. Sharing some events photos, how work is done creatively by the students all these sneak peeks posts about your school must create a good engagement over social media.

6. Blog Posts

Regularly sharing blogs related to your school can be beneficial for you to gain more brand visibility. Your school website must include a blog section, the blogs can be written by teachers or students. If the blogs get more traffic than your website will also get more people engaged. So, writing blogs regularly is important and keeps sharing the latest information about your school.

7. Faculty Profile

Sharing faculty profile in your post is a great way, as parents will get to know what type of education qualification your teachers or staff have. You can share the skills as well as the projects they have done. Also showing the high qualified staff achievements, it matters a lot for the parents who are going to guide their children. So, this will create trust and satisfaction among parents and also build your school reputation.

8. Student Achievements

Sharing posts regarding your student achievements on your social media page is a good way to get more people involved. You can add congratulation posts to encourage the student on your social media. People will find it interesting and they might follow your school to know more information. Keeping your followers engage with unique posts leads to better conversion.



9. Share Testimonials

 Testimonials are a very effective way to influence people, as it contains information about your school. People always prefer to read the testimonials so to get satisfaction for that school. You can always include the student’s parent’s feedback about their children’s achievements. It builds trust and people would likely choose the school having positive reviews.



10.  Educational Tour Post

Including educational trips, photos, and videos are the best to get more people involved. It will inspire to know that your school opting the modern ways of providing educational knowledge. You need to share the effective posts which include good quality images and content that help in gaining more followers for your school.

11. Sharing Pictures

Sharing your school pictures is a great way to let people know about your school. Sharing teacher’s pictures, students group pictures and your school backgrounds, classrooms etc., and make it interesting for your followers. Sharing events pictures on the platform such as Facebook and Instagram posts to get more people engagement, as well as people, get aware of your school.


12. Inspirational Posts

Engage your followers with some inspirational posts as well as inspire students to achieve their goals. Posts related to inspiration for hard work, maintaining discipline, sharing good habit posts, and many more. It is very impactful for students as well as for parents, keeps motivating students by regularly sharing unique posts, and increases the number of followers for your school.


13.  Run a contest

Run contests on social media and give some rewards to your followers. It will get more people involved and boost engagement for your school page. You might grow your audience as people will get to know from their friends. Keep your audience engage with your post and make sure you communicate with them properly.


14.  Host a question-answer session

You can post some fun question-answer sessions with your teachers that help people better understand about your school. Answer frequently asked questions, involve more people to join you, give some information about your school. This is the best way to get along with your followers and provide them the answers that are useful for them as well as increase your school visibility.


15. Live Video

Live video is very effective as you can get interaction with your followers; you can go live with Facebook as well as Instagram. Answers some questions, share some details about your school to make your followers engage with you. This can help you build a connection with your followers and build awareness about your school. The real-time interaction makes a great experience for your followers as it leads to gain more people involved with your school.


16.  Scholarships Announcement

Scholarships always inspire students to do hard work and get good grades. Sharing scholarship details with your followers increase your chance of gaining more engagement with your school. You can also mention the student’s name that previously got the scholarships; this will encourage more people to get enrollment to your school.

17.  Alumni Events

Alumni events are hosts for the old students, share the details about events, registration, reminders, photos after the events can generate lots of engagement on your post. People always want to know more as if your content is engaging and keep updating and sharing the information about upcoming events that are going to happen in your school.



All these unique social media content ideas make your school get more visibility and followers. People are often looking out for unique content, so provide them what they need and increase enrollments for your school. And let us know in the comments which content idea you would choose for your school social media posts.


 Frequently Asked Question

What should I post on my school social media?

It is very hard to come up with meaningful social media posts that will engage your audience. Students are an incredible resource for social media content, find out about exciting student projects post them on your school pages, these will help to encourage other students. posts about holidays, throwback photos, upcoming school events, sports announcements, etc. A consistent schedule of posts that are interesting, educational, helpful.

What type of content should I create for school social media?

Share student stories, a student ongoing project, photos of internal gatherings, sport events announcements. Short videos on cultural activities. These are really simple things, but they will help you to engage your audience.

 How can social media be used in education?

Social media is a great way to advertise your school, share any upcoming events or meetings.  School social media pages can be a great way to keep students, parents, and the community informed of upcoming school-related events. Your school involved in a project, initiative, or research that is relevant to a broader discussion going on in the world share those news articles and let people know how you are contributing.


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